Soon it will be Fall, Ya’ll!

Sunflowers. Not exactly what comes to my mind when I think of fall. A trip to a sunflower field on a warm, August day gave us a chance for rebirth. Which sent my mind on a maze of wonderment. The month of August is renewing – a powerful rejuvenation. Then like a baby getting content in a Mother's arms, fall comes about.

Fall grabs us, take a hold of us. A sort of centering with the universe. We feel nature reach out and grab us. The earth secures our soul. The gorgeous hues of orange, red, and yellow compliment the brisk cold air, dancing with the morning sun. That my friends is nature speaking to us. The comfort of fall is a display of divine unity between soul and what we know as the universe.

Visit the flower fields and play in the water, feel yourself come alive. Fall will be here soon and you will find the recent changes we've went through are a natural blessing. How quincidental is it that we will have a solar eclipse in just a few days. Will it end our world? Will it change nothing? Is our future fated?


Cherry Wine & Chocolate Covered Peanuts

A love, so sweet with rich flavor. Your, sour, stingy taste rolls upon my tongue. I can close my eyes and feel the velvety liquid swish about my throat. Utter satisfaction is complimented with a sweet, but savory treat! The powerfully pungent succumbing of milk chocolate sweeps me from my feet. Just when I need grounded; a salty, peanut is crunched ever so delicately between my teeth and tongue. The combination is surreal.

When you're having a stressful or hectic day, pull your seat up next to the fire pit and enjoy this little piece of heaven. 😉


Words do not serve the Justice needed…

An explanation becomes the root of all destruction. Where was I when this took a turn? How can something so beneficial become something that creates destruction? All good intentions are never enough. There is tightness, the griping of self-worth at its peak keeping me from moving forward. How do you get through? – To yourself, let alone to him? I want so badly to express how I feel to be understood, so I can get free from the grip of insanity.

It was so fulfilling, as if completing the last piece of a puzzle. A remembrance of whom I used to be, an arousal of self-passion. I smiled about things, I was once blind to. A connection, a completion… True understanding of another soul. As with all in life, there comes a time of choice.

I was terrified, afraid; I denied the evitable until it become apparent. I stared love in the eyes. I worked so hard to become one with myself. I made it. I broke free. I found happiness in who I was. I could help others do the same. Life was fruitful, and adventurous. I influenced the lives around me for the better. All past mistakes, misconceptions, and demons were non-existent.

I strived to find someone who understood. I found it. It was unreal. I secretly questioned, but it just kept fitting. It kept falling perfectly in place. The gushy, heat melting, tears of happiness kind of thing you see in movies. I kept it close, but far enough away it could not keep me close. I have been there a time two. The difference: it was me. It was not some high-clouded expectation. I could be me, the me, which loved me. I was in love with me and it was contagious. I loved others with such pure, open, understanding love. I was in control of anything and everything in the world. I had the power to move mountains, to open eyes, the map of self-worth. I made to the top.

I often wondered if my purpose here was to help others. I had a gift; I just must not know how to use it. What gift could cause turmoil, right? The moment I meet someone, I can see through person they have chosen to show others. There is an unspoken bond. As if, I am trusted with a secret.


Trapped in Hope

Is that window cold?

That’s what I’ve been told.

Hypocrisy will never make the devil fold.

Only an angel can be as bold.


Wrapped in love;

Spit out by stupor;

It really through me for a loop, here.

Have faith in time and you’ll rise above.

Clearly, gracious must be the patient.


How will everyone see you in the dark?

Will the shine show through?

Is it enough not be seen, but to just to leave a mark?

Delinquent penance is due.


The darkness is universal.

Puppets afar stare in admiration.

Society prepares a rehearsal.

Are you the creator of inspiration?


If only they knew how you’d break.


Keep us close.

We are bound to awake.

Mind, body, & soul mingle in a polyphonic prose.


Drag us behind..

Let us be the eyes.

Every General has an army ready to fight.

Soldier or captain?

We can make it happen.


It may not be clear,

You know not of me, my dear.

Let me introduce myself: I am fear.


Light: Wide Open

A light in the dark,
Heed the warning to build the ark.
It is not us who will leave a mark,
But of the Gods’ that love will spark.

Let go of the day to day.
It is not here we are to stay,
Is it the soul that prays?
For it will not be substance that survives the craze!

Clothe in silence.
Rid the world of violence.
Burden evil with defiance,
Build upon the divine alliance.

Share in peace,
in musical, unison we breathe.
The conscious do not leave,
They will remain free.





Edgy Ego’s

Your narcissistic ways,
Crash into me like waves.
Insanity created a maze,
Trapped in a manifesting daze.

You make it hard
I don’t want you to stay.
You make it hard.
It doesn’t have to be that way.
You make it hard.
It will haunt you someday.

A tightness grows inside,
Not in you, but in myself I must confide.
The tears rest on the lashes of my eyes,
Will fame make you feel alive?

You make it hard.
Telling the truth with lies.
You make it hard.
Please don’t open my eyes.
You make it hard .
No need to say goodbye.

How can your infamy save us all?
In seclusion, guilt will stand tall.
Being so high will make it hard to catch us if we fall.
Yesterday, we had it, everything! Do you not recall?

You make it hard.
Don’t go to far!
You make it hard.
We’ve just dealt the cards.
You make it hard.
Who are you behind the guitar?

Embrace the distance,
For I will inevitability fight the resistance.
Glory are your days of temperance?
Leave it to the past for remembrance.

Keep practicing, now you are learning…
While I have your attention let me explain the yearning.
I mean as much as you, this I can say with certainty.
Give it back, my love, I will cherish it for eternity.

You make it hard .
Let yourself be free…
Because I am through with you inside of me.

Can we Really do it?

Why is it so hard to admit? Courageously – we should be able to say, “I’m not happy”, and the world remain intact? Happiness is not an all or nothing kind of thing. Moments measure happiness, not instances. What is it that makes us lose sight of our happiness?

Self inflicted, sure. In retrospect, why can’t we logically receive that information? Somewhere along line it gets all muddy. I believe it happens at that first moment of disrespect. It’s the first slice, just a little dig…KABLOOM! It explodes. We always find a way for water to wash it away. The problem is forgetting. When you strive to live each moment as a logical situation, you find yourself far away from where you begin.

It’s two yellow roads diverged… Let’s call the one on the right your brain – the one on the left emotion. Yep, there is it is. This whole other challenge. You cannot just stop because you’ve already begun. If your reading this now and my next statement surprises you, then you can relate. There is another road! It comes with trappings of stability, self-reliance, reassurance.

The foundations of relationship survival. There are times you have to tag out. The unruly part is the timing. The two roads are always there looming with decision, but there is no way to be on both roads at the same time. Choices my friend…choices. And with choice requires action. How can you possibly make choice if you have no interest in that action? That there, what is that? Try to be open-minded here: A choice requires a decision which in turn creates an action. And famously -,”For very action there is a reaction”.

If you’re not following me now, this is where you should stop reading. The remaining is simply ramblings of yours truly.