Coming back to life, OUCH!

I know you hate to lose,

You’re probably wishing it was you; that I would choose.

But I am tired of being your muse.

Can’t you find someone else to use?

I might cave.

But once I get home, I won’t want to stay

I feel at peace when I am away

It is me that needs saved!

Because I can’t trust how you’ll behave

Idk if it’s them that should be ashamed

Or maybe, it’s you that’s to blame…

All I know is your energy throws some shade

I was struggling to breathe and you had it made.

We have to different, visions in our heads.

You’re two beers away from being dead.

And I’m over here trying not to eat bread…

It feels over even when it wasn’t said.


P.S. That stung a bit, huh?

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