Dear Twin Flame,

I am not sure if you are found;

Or the one that is always around.

The truth will be revealed,

But it is by chance that the former will be sealed.

Surety has wandered.

Fate is not that of this earth;

It is in the love of all things true.

My soul is wide awake for you to view.

Just as the sun and moon share the morning sky,

Our peace can be found in the mind’s eye.





23 thoughts on “Dear Twin Flame,

      1. Even I do. I agree with you. Most cling on and don’t let the other pave his or her own path before the realization takes place! If it is destined it will be… People need to learn to let go.

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      2. I often wonder what the world would be like if we used the barter system. It would take some of the big tycoons such as Buffet or World Leaders, but it would bring us to a more wholesome idea about life. There are people such as, you and ,I that agree we were meant to live differently than we are required by society. What if you and I and all the other’s with the same mindset just began to do it?

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      3. We can always make a start but then there are people who do want to live differently yet they are scared to go against the society.
        Sometimes I wonder whether these people will come to help us. They also need to voice their opinions just like us. It is time to question the societal norms. Not everybody fits into the preconceived notions laid down by society.

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    1. I was more or less speaking of my own experience. I am glad I hit the nail on the head. There are several kinds of soul relationships; it can get a bit confusing. Try looking into soul mate and karmic relationships. 🙂


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