Authentically, Rule the Occassion.

Solitude waits patiently lurking between the conscious and subconscious. The unfamiliar territory is home to a duplicate of me. She is wild, fearless, and leads with her heart. We share the same mirror, but our reflections are differing. I can no longer ignore the roar and she is on the prowl. It is from her perspective that I will thrive.


31 thoughts on “Authentically, Rule the Occassion.

    1. Thank you for compliments. This came to me after trying to figure out what the Lions Gate portal meant for me. It felt cleansing to write it and share it. I am glad it spoke to you.


  1. This is captivating and spoke to my soul! πŸ™‚ It’s that quiet inner voice that we box away within us, and the more we try to quiet it, the louder it gets panicking at the idea that she might not be heard and will be trapped away in that little box forever.

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    1. I am glad this spoke to you. There is some sort of happiness in others relating to what we write. I have always allowed my mind to rule, but it’s time that voice gets a chance to speak. I think this will bring me closer to inner peace.


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