On Repeat…

I hope one day you make it because for every moment you steal from me leaves me vacant. A loved one isn’t a habit you can play with it. Be a man if you don’t have time for a relationship. Just admit it. 1:35 mins from being off work with no kids at home and I am in bed feeling lousy I don’t have a partner and your buzzed up playing guitar. I guess that’s how is goes. Let’s hope you make it to the show. Because God knows I am just a stepping stone. I hate that I inspire so many, but I left just the same unable to admire. I pour so much out to only  revive for myself an untraceable amount. Maybe I should write this down?  This can’t be all I have here to be found. Why do I continually loose myself in the web of self discovery, why can’t I just show someone how to love me?

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