The Honest Strings of Sin

I could feel you strum the strings of my heart. A feeling of harmony and regret. It was such a different feeling compared to the start. It pulls at my collar with a crooked smile. I don’t know whether to follow her.

I am stuck. I do not know whether to be a free flowing gypsy doing what feels right for my soul or to be with someone safe and warm. Stable…

It was like I was me, in my own body, just watching everyone. It was as if their movements were that of a movie. Calculated, but a form of perfection. The same bittersweet taste of the gin and pineapple stained the roof of my mouth.

Why do I insist on opening my mouth. Do you have to ask me to tell you the unsettling obvious? I don’t want to say it. There is something about saying it that makes it real.

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