Take my Advice

“People are rarely who they claim to be; but perhaps it is who they wish to become?”-KBJ

22 thoughts on “Take my Advice

    1. I believe that is a perfect example. You are not fully like Jesus, but you are living in such a way to be more like him. Therefore, your actions and what you speak about is who you wish to be, even though you have not accomplished it fully.

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  1. I have long said that “we are the sum of all past experiences” . Every one. The good and bad.How we learn,how we process events and knowledge. How we cope with bad time and disaster and how we move on(or don’t) define us in ways we cannot always comprehend.

    Rumi’s take is interesting as I see love as one of the primal wants. needs and desires we all have. Primal-not basic. Basic needs are air, water, food, warmth and so on. But on a much more primal level we each want to love (another) and be loved in return, to touch another and be touched in return, to hear and other and to be heard.. I have wrote of that for years. Most recently on fuse which I see you follow. Thank You.

    But great post! Posts that challenge the heart, invigorate the mind ans sustain the soul I do love!


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