Wandering Women

“If you make him your shelter; you will be left bare. Smile in the rediscovery for it will be your journey. ”


Meet Dedication

“He dove in head first,

With an everlasting thirst.

A gift no longer the curse;

An ever-lasting passion ready to burst.”


Manifest your destiny! Let it take over. Rebel against the norm. Show the world exactly who you are without an ounce of shame. Could you?

Alexander the Great, Aristotle, Socrates, Albert Einstein grabbed a hold of what it was they were passionate about. You only know them today because one day they said something of brilliance! They were erupting with pure madness! A continual dedication to their values. Each of them were the change they wanted to see in the world. There are so many people that are starving to share their gifts with the world.

I patiently watched as he spent countless hours teaching himself how to sing. Days of strumming the guitar until he had calluses. Sweat and determination became his character. He was “swallowed whole” by his destiny. The journey of endlessness.

Boys and girls Fame isn’t about being in the spotlight. It’s about fulfilling who you truly are. Once you reach consciousness and share your soul with others you become mad with passion to change the world.

Journeys are significant to the individual, but intuition is karmic. Take a moment and ask yourself if you enjoy your current routine. Have you done something influential? Does your story leave a permanent mark behind? Who are you? Take the time to find it and support all those that are brace enough to do so.

Take 5 mins outside of your own thoughts and hear those of others…

Play the video and leave your mark with constructive criticism.

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Famous, yet?

I have this newfound respect for artists, entrepreneurs, designers, and anyone promoting their passion. It takes ambition, dedication, insanity (at times), but an unthinkable amount of hard work. Hours upon hours of research, practice, and conversation at times feels exciting, other times it can be exhausting. It’s the equivalent of teetering between a multitude of success and rock bottom.

When reading our favorite books or jamming to an awesome new song we get a feeling of happiness, fulfillment. In my teens & 20’s, music was life! I would spend hours downloading songs and chatting with friends. We would talk about all the memories and feelings we would get from listening to this song or that song. It was something to do that made us feel good. We worshiped these people, the words they spoke became gospel at times. We would respond to life situation with hashtags of ┬átheir lyrics. However, we never stopped to think about who these musicians or writers were. What kind of life did they live? Did they grow into fame? Where they in the right place at the right time? Why weren’t we born perfectly, talented?

The answer is this. We are born with just a much talent and ability. We can accomplish anything we chose to. Those with the utmost disabilities in life, rise to be shining stars. What’s are excuse? If you don’t know what you are passion about, find it. Practice all the things you have always thought about doing. I can guarantee you that if you spend enough time, effort, and energy on what it is you love to do, you will attract success. Charisma is captivating. Share your passion with the world, you might surprise yourself by who you really are. Life is short, but remember that the journey is yours to live.