Oh, how I hate what you have taken,

Leaving behind the  lifeless.

Strength is forsaken,

For the pain caused seems to be silenced.


I want you to stop, now!

You have taken the one’s with bright smiles.

My family and friends are mine, for you I will not endow.

Faith and strength is needed for these trials.


It is my mission to do as you have done to the innocent,

For it is you I will ruin!

You have no power, it is in your execution I will be vigilant.

Love will win because it is something you do not pursue in.



16 thoughts on “(/)Drugs(/)

      1. I’m sorry to hear this. Drugs and addiction are incredibly cruel, to the person using, family and loved ones, and to society. We end up losing the many many unique gifts and qualities that those who are taken by addiction have to offer.

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      1. I can understand! sometimes words don’t do justice with our feelings and some feelings are that intense it’s almost impossible for us to express them in words!

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