People Panic…Do you?

I first would like to apologize if you disagree.

Secondly, many are out there making rash decisions. When your out of your routine things can get a little ichy. So I ask you which one are you? And why?

– The consumer

– The rebel

– The conspiracy theorist

– The spiritual guide

I’ll tell you, mine… If you tell me yours. 😚

21 thoughts on “People Panic…Do you?

    1. Yes! Thank you! What’s your thoughts on the pandemic? I feel as if the world needed a break, a moment to realize the busy, hectic, life of society was becoming too much. It’s time to find our spiritual side so that we may find our true purpose. Society keeps us distracted. There is somewhat a breath of fresh air in all these shit downs.

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      1. I’m not a person who panics. I do my research, follow guidelines, help my neighbours where I can and look for silver linings. No point in railing against something I cannot influence or change.

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      2. I would agree with you level-headed approach. I believe a time like this help reveal our true selves. I find that we are blessed to have advanced much further since previous pandemics or I may be a bit worried…

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  1. I guess a cross between 2 and 4. Definitely a rebel in the way that I refuse to panic or stockpile as for the Spiritual thing, I am happy to help people through this. But with all the climate and environmental damage we have done I do wonder if nature is striking back, there’s definitely less vehicles on the road and 80% of planes grounded? Good post 😀

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      1. I can’t see what preparations I could do apart from panic buying. There is nothing that I ‘need’ and having been in a lot of sticky situations during my life there’s nothing that scares me, the main thing is that the vulnerable are taken care of. I’ve spent a lifetime keeping fit and healthy so I’m not in the high risk category. 😀

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