Is doubt the first sign of moving on? The little things pile up and begin to form one big ball of doubt. I try to be supportive, but it’s all riding on me. What if I give up, let responsibility go? Maybe I make it too easy. Am I over thinking it? Wait, I have every damn right to feel upset or to be building resentment. Entitled. I am entitled to my feelings. Well isn’t this nice… Now that I rightfully own these feelings, what do I do with them? People don’t change. Conversation gets stale. Reconciling becomes repetitive. How do you tell the person you are with that you are not fulfilled and that they aren’t enough of what you need? There has to be a polite, non-offensive way to share this. Unconditional, right. Such a simple word: without conditions. We as humans live with conditions. This in itself is the struggle. What defines where we draw the line? It’s about finding yourself, I suppose…

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