Can we Really do it?

Why is it so hard to admit? Courageously – we should be able to say, “I’m not happy”, and the world remain intact? Happiness is not an all or nothing kind of thing. Moments measure happiness, not instances. What is it that makes us lose sight of our happiness?

Self inflicted, sure. In retrospect, why can’t we logically receive that information? Somewhere along line it gets all muddy. I believe it happens at that first moment of disrespect. It’s the first slice, just a little dig…KABLOOM! It explodes. We always find a way for water to wash it away. The problem is forgetting. When you strive to live each moment as a logical situation, you find yourself far away from where you begin.

It’s two yellow roads diverged… Let’s call the one on the right your brain – the one on the left emotion. Yep, there is it is. This whole other challenge. You cannot just stop because you’ve already begun. If your reading this now and my next statement surprises you, then you can relate. There is another road! It comes with trappings of stability, self-reliance, reassurance.

The foundations of relationship survival. There are times you have to tag out. The unruly part is the timing. The two roads are always there looming with decision, but there is no way to be on both roads at the same time. Choices my friend…choices. And with choice requires action. How can you possibly make choice if you have no interest in that action? That there, what is that? Try to be open-minded here: A choice requires a decision which in turn creates an action. And famously -,”For very action there is a reaction”.

If you’re not following me now, this is where you should stop reading. The remaining is simply ramblings of yours truly.

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