Emerald Buddha

The wavy, brown-eyed little girl knew at the age of two that Mommy was not coming back. Tears rolled down her face, as she looked out of the window at the fire fighters lined up next to one another; using all their might to push the crumpled car over. Every Security vanished as I peeredContinue reading “Emerald Buddha”

Famous, yet?

I have this newfound respect for artists, entrepreneurs, designers, and anyone promoting their passion. It takes ambition, dedication, insanity (at times), but an unthinkable amount of hard work. Hours upon hours of research, practice, and conversation at times feels exciting, other times it can be exhausting. It’s the equivalent of teetering between a multitude ofContinue reading “Famous, yet?”

You have to be Friends!

We outgrow people…Always evolving to see what we lack. In those moments you have to have friendship or it simply won’t work. We are different, therefore it is impossible to share the exact same lifetime. After all, the moments we enjoy most about relationships are the bounding, in other wards connection. Time, space, existence areContinue reading “You have to be Friends!”

Trapped in Hope

Is that window cold? That’s what I’ve been told. Hypocrisy will never make the devil fold. Only an angel can be as bold. Wrapped in love; Spit out by stupor; It really through me for a loop, here. Have faith in time and you’ll rise above. Clearly, gracious must be the patient. How will everyone see youContinue reading “Trapped in Hope”

[Not today, Satan; Not today.]

Life has been wonderful! I made the decision to what was best for me about a month ago. It shook up the world around me and effected many of my close relationships. However, it felt so great! I finally did it! I put ME in front of everyone else. It was exhilarating, a breath ofContinue reading “[Not today, Satan; Not today.]”

I’m back! 😁

Vacation… YES, sign me up! 7 days later… I had fallen apart trying to figure out how to interact with my family. The eclipse had grabbed me and shaken my life up. Forcing decision upon me at a crossroads. It was earth-shattering. The kind you feel in the pit of your stomach. “When you feelContinue reading “I’m back! 😁”

Is it Fate?

It brings a smile to my face to introduce you to this character. He is creative, charming, naturally handsome, determined, and passionate.  Not to sound cliché, but I can still remember the first moment our eyes met! It’s a rare moment in time. My guess is that time stood still because I can distinctly, to this day, smell theContinue reading “Is it Fate?”

Cherry Wine & Chocolate Covered Peanuts

A love, so sweet with rich flavor. Your, sour, stingy taste rolls upon my tongue. I can close my eyes and feel the velvety liquid swish about my throat. Utter satisfaction is complimented with a sweet, but savory treat! The powerfully pungent succumbing of milk chocolate sweeps me from my feet. Just when I needContinue reading “Cherry Wine & Chocolate Covered Peanuts”