Daddy Issues

I’ve spent 27 years trying to gain your approval.

I’m more successful than I ever dreamt of!

My life’s happiness is imperative on your removal.

All I ever wanted was your love…

Here we go again…

Your silence thickness as my relief exudes.

If only mom were here…Amen!

Manipulation fuels your attitude.

You will never get ahead of you are always taking advantage…

I have “done my time”.

You need to find another bandage!

This life isn’t yours; it’s mine!

It hurts to know…

It’s not something you’re able to give.

To you, life is a show…

Let me go; I am ready to live!

If you weren’t dependent, you’d support it.

But a narcissist can ignore his own daughter…

So, please just quit throwing your fit!

I deserve joy; it’s time to go father.

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