There are things that can’t be explained. It’s usually those really important and impactful life situations that I just freeze. So this time, I turn to God. I light every incense, candle, sage, and surround myself with crystals all to support me for the moment when I let go and let God. This letting go is going to be one of those that linger. It will be one of those -physical feelings of being held against my will by regret- when a memory crosses my mind. God I need your wisdom, your strength, and your guidance on this one! I pray that we’ll be okay. I send only love and encouragement for you to smile at yourself again. Heck, I want to smile at myself again. I pray that one day we may smile at us again. I pray for the strength to hold it together when our world is ripped apart. I pray for the wisdom to know how to love. I pray that no matter the path in front of us, that God may guide us in our purpose and release us from the chains of what we have chosen through society. Most of all, I pray that we feel loved…


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