Conundrum #77,777

So is this whole being in the same place that you have before where you make different results? I don’t know if this is my meaning here or maybe my exit. I’m either here to always chose love and light no matter the situation or I’m a dumbass that’s simply insane. I am open for constructive criticism at this point ya’ll! I’ve been here many time – deciding between fighting for myself or my relationship. I keep coming to this point and I have chose both roads before. Once I turned right and stayed helping and growing- well, more apart than together – but I am sure you get the idea. I have also hung a left around the corner of my give a damns busted and went to perfect being a mom and single. So, there you have it, Universe! I broke the cycle! Time to stop the test, right? Fancy seeing you here again…

So my lovely, “love and light side ” be with me through this bout of anxiety and please persist on the reminding me to just make a damn decision!

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