That moment when you realize you might want something else… Is having the thought itself revealing of our true feelings? Sure, anyone can go back to how it was before. However, it becomes hard to ignore, when the ominous pain of guilt continuously grows. If only I could learn to live without expectation. I immediately shut down, emotionally when I my needs aren’t met. But, what defines needs? – expectation. Is it just to believe that we all share similar expectations? I walk about with the thought that everyone wants, needs, and deserves the same. So, if someone does not act in a way that I expect them to, I lose interest. How is it possible I don’t notice when this shifts? At what point did I logically process my life and suddenly seek something than it has always been? Insanity proves that it is not the people who becomes different, it is my expectation. Can I turn it around? Or maybe I am one of those people that end every relationship when it suddenly stops being all about me. Hypocriticaly, I expect more from him than I do myself. I’m no quite sure how to jump in head first. Does it have to be me to decide? After all, I am a Libra. The good is what keeps our feet moving.

Photo Credit: http://www.javiermiravalles.es/formacion/Importancia%20y%20Prevencion%20del%20Sindrome%20Burnout.html

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