You have to be Friends!

We outgrow people…Always evolving to see what we lack. In those moments you have to have friendship or it simply won’t work. We are different, therefore it is impossible to share the exact same lifetime. After all, the moments we enjoy most about relationships are the bounding, in other wards connection.

Time, space, existence are all responsible for that connection. No two people have the same path. When the roads wind away from one another there will be a loss of connection. This happens with all people meet. Why do we put so much emphasis on our partnership?

We expect more out another person then we do ourselves.

What are some of your longest connections (relationships) Family… Friends… EX’s? These are people you love. They are treated differently than a co-worker or acquaintance. You give more of yourself. I’m not going to invite a co-worker over for pizza and ice cream on a Saturday night. However, I would ask my sister or best friend. When we grow apart in relationships we will stray to find something that we connect to, unless, we are able to rekindle the connection ourselves.

Love is Yin-Yang kind of thing. You get what you give and for a friend you will love, laugh, cry, and venture. Don’t waste time on trying to love or be loved by someone you do not connect to. It will not last.

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