Soon it will be Fall, Ya’ll!

Sunflowers. Not exactly what comes to my mind when I think of fall. A trip to a sunflower field on a warm, August day gave us a chance for rebirth. Which sent my mind on a maze of wonderment. The month of August is renewing – a powerful rejuvenation. Then like a baby getting content in a Mother's arms, fall comes about.

Fall grabs us, take a hold of us. A sort of centering with the universe. We feel nature reach out and grab us. The earth secures our soul. The gorgeous hues of orange, red, and yellow compliment the brisk cold air, dancing with the morning sun. That my friends is nature speaking to us. The comfort of fall is a display of divine unity between soul and what we know as the universe.

Visit the flower fields and play in the water, feel yourself come alive. Fall will be here soon and you will find the recent changes we've went through are a natural blessing. How quincidental is it that we will have a solar eclipse in just a few days. Will it end our world? Will it change nothing? Is our future fated?

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